The Buildroot open-source project is supported by a non-profit organization called the Buildroot Association. The goal of this non-profit organization is to engage actions to promote, help develop and democratise the Buildroot project.

This non-profit organization is registered as a legal entity in France, more precisely as an association loi 1901.

This organization can receive funding from members, donors and sponsors. This funding is then used to pay for:

  • the meeting rooms used during the Buildroot Developers Meeting twice per year;
  • travel expenses for contributors willing to attend the Buildroot Developers Meeting, and not covered by their employer to do so;
  • renting servers and services used to host the Buildroot infrastructure.

The bylaws of the association are available in French (official) and in English (unofficial translation). The association was declared on March 14, 2016 to the Préfecture de Haute-Garonne (France) and is registered under the n°W313024278. See this official receipt from the French authorities.

Our accounting is fully public, including the bank account summaries, see accounting. Numerous other administrative documents related to the association are available on its Gitlab repository

Becoming a member

To become a member, an individual or a company simply has to pay its yearly membership. For an individual, the minimum membership fee per year is 10 EUR. For a company, the minimum membership fee per year is 150 EUR. Individuals and companies are free to give more than the minimum required.

The membership is valid for the current civil year, i.e any membership fee paid in 2019 is valid through December 31, 2019.

Once the membership fee is received, it will be listed in the association accounting files, which serve as the official list of members. Therefore, members accept that their name and the amount of their membership fee is made public.

There are two possibilities to pay the membership fee:

  • A direct wire-transfer to the association bank account. Since the bank account is located in France, this is completely free of charge for any person or company located in the European Union. The IBAN number of the association bank account is FR53 2004 1010 1615 0958 0P03 772.
  • A Paypal payment to the association Paypal account, whose address is
Sponsoring the project

Companies willing to help the Buildroot project can do so by making a donation to the Buildroot Association. In exchange for these donations, companies will be listed on our Sponsors page and will be thanked in our release announcements.

As the Buildroot Association is a legal entity registered in France, it is able to deliver a bill and/or receipt.

Please contact if you are a company interested in making a donation.